In this video, I share some of my most famous poetry for the very first time! 😃😃💥It’s full of perseverance, perception, and power as always. 🙌🏾It was my first time, but it definitely not the last! Click the link, enjoy and tell me what you think!

They say when intoxicated
The truth comes out.
Not for me, I speak truth
When I’m good and sober.
You’re goin’ to know
If you’re in or out
When my rant is over.
I rather get it off my chest
Than carry the weight on my shoulders.


Call it whatever you want
That’s just fine!
I’m okay with being the only one
Who actually speaks their mind!
Cause some of you need to hear it
Somebody’s got to tell you about yourselves
I am not gonna hold back not one bit
A little truth is good for your health

I’m just saying how I feel
Why I gotta be rude ’cause I’m keeping it real?
To be honest, Fake it until you make ain’t ever been me.
I can’t fake, that word makes me uneasy.
Why when I’m being honest I gotta have an attitude problem?
I told you I was going to tell the truth in this poem.
I’m gonna make some stomachs sink
Let me tell you the truth
What people don’t say and really think

I think…

Some people don’t get what they really want out of life
And they settle
Never living up to their potential

I think…

Men don’t respect women anymore
Because we don’t respect each other
They call us bitches and whores
Don’t you know love makes us tougher?

I think…

Work is a trap
Life wasn’t meant to be all bills
But humanity adapts
While stress kills

I think…

The company around you may not mean well
They hate, I’m telling you they can.
They want to see you hurt and fail
They want it all — your life, your man.

I think…

Black folks need more education
But because of gentrification
We are at war for complete emancipation
America’s gotta stop the rotation

I think…

Church isn’t always welcoming

Most hypocritical
Their love is conditional

I think…

White girls shouldn’t wear braided singles and “dread”locks
Because that is BLACK culture it’s all we got

I think…

The hard people are really the most deep
I think they care
But people don’t listen when they share

I think…

Some people don’t deserve a child
I think they are too selfish and wild

I think…

Most people shouldn’t be allowed to drive
Everybody shouldn’t be allowed to have guns
Most women settle for men they shouldn’t
Most men have done things they wish they wouldn’t
Most people don’t really care about you
But I keep hurting myself because I think they do
Dogs are better than people
People make promises they can’t keep
I think I’m cutting way too deep

So I’ll be done
Some of you were at the edge of your seat
It was only session one

My beauty is like a rose, a prickly kind.

My thorns strengthen as my beauty grows.

They pose with a purpose behind.

Without my thorns I couldn’t be a rose.

My pretty is a harder kind, tough like glass.

It takes a different mind to understand my class.

I am a woman, broken, but pure.

My beauty is outspoken.

You will never be unsure.

A rose is a rose because it’s supposed to be.

Like a rose, I am undeniably me.

I can bring you heaven but there’s chaos in me.

I work like a peasant to live like royalty.

I wear my crown with a tilt,

And my petals are red without guilt.

The sunlight filled our room

And I was wrapped in its warmth.

In that moment you wrapped me up in your warmth too.

I woke up and looked over

To see the most beautiful being looking right back at me

And I thought

Will you wake up next to me forever?

As you do every morning

But this morning was a bit different.

The sun shined a little brighter

Your kisses were a little sweeter

My soul felt at peace

And I’d become one of the most fortunate on the planet

I’d become your future

You ask me to join you on the ride

The ride of forever

It felt like the galaxy opened up just for me when I heard those words come from your sweet lips.

“Will you marry me?”

In that moment tears filled your eyes and they filled mine too

I was overtaken by your love and our bed became more than just a bed.

It became a Kingdom.

It was the place we laid out our foundation – our empire.

It felt like incredible personally knew me

I couldn’t help but scream


And here we are, about to start this new chapter together.

To be continued…

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1) What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned from writing? 

I have learned a variety of things from writing: But the most important things fall between the lines of patience, persistence, and faith. I am one of the most impatient people you’ll meet but something about writing makes me a more patient person and I’ve learned to stay dedicated even when I have other things going on in my life. Lastly, I learned to believe in my work because if I don’t nobody will!

2) Please tell our readers something about yourself. 

I am from Arizona. I was raised by a single mother and I have one younger brother. I was the one who gave my mother the headaches. My brother is the saint! **laughs**

3) What advice would you give someone who is thinking about writing a book? 

How long can a reply be? **laughs** Gosh, where do I begin? Well, first of all, do your research. I don’t mean just going on Google and typing in “How do I publish a book?” I mean researching as in networking with fellow writers and authors. While Google is amazing and is resourceful for various things in the publishing process, it can’t offer you authentic personal relationships or connections with actual authors. Find one you can relate to or in your genre, ask them if you can have their advice and ask them questions while you’re on your way. You’d be surprised how much feedback you’ll get and how sweet they are! Hint: You can always reach out to me. Next, set a budget. Get the numbers straight and all your ducks in a row when it comes to finances. Leave some cushion for extra expenses that may pop-up because you don’t want to hold up your process because you ran out of funding.

To finish reading all the questions and answers visit the One World Single Website! 🙌🏾❤️

I’m not capable of doing these things. I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I don’t have enough experience. I don’t have the money. I could never do a job that amazing.

Any of those sound familiar to you? Admit it. You have said one of those things, haven’t you? Or you’ve believed it when it came from someone else? I have and the first step to progress is accepting the truth. It’s time to stop beating around the bush. We keep accepting these excuses and we think it’s okay. But it is not okay, because we are hindering our own progress.

Excuses stop success from happening. If you keep making excuses and telling yourself all the reasons why you can’t do something… you will never come close to doing it because you will start to believe it. Excuses, whether they come from you or others, are actually more harmful then you realize. Speak positivity into existence. Instead of whining about why you can’t do something, realize why you can! If you just tell yourself why you are capable of accomplishing some of those goals, you’ll start to believe it and act in that way. And all those excuses won’t matter.

This post is not just for the excuses you make for yourself, it’s also for the excuses others make for you! Find your own ways to reach your goals. Make opportunities for yourself to be successful. There is no one way to do something and just because another person did not get successful doing what you’re doing doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing will happen to you. “Take the path less traveled.” Have you ever heard that quote?

Listen, if you can picture getting to your dream YOUR way, do it. Don’t listen to people saying “You can’t become wealthy doing that. You can’t buy a house that young. You can’t own your own business. You can’t run a company. You don’t have enough experience.” Start your own business or buy that new house regardless of what people say. Don’t live by their fear. WAKE UP CALL: it’s your life!! Whatever it is you want, you are never going to have if you don’t stop listening to all the excuses and find your own ways to get closer.

There was once a time I didn’t have any experience as a poet, author, or writer. And because of that a lot of people did not want to take a chance on me just because I was new. For a while, I used that as an excuse. But guess what? I still signed up for contests, submitted my work to magazines and journals, and I started this blog. People, I literally sent hundreds of emails to all kinds of platforms finding opportunities to get me where I wanted to be. Before I knew it, I was working as a professional writer and became a published poet and author!

What I am trying to say is that people are going to say no. People are going to turn you down or think you are crazy for chasing the dream that you are chasing. But YOU should not be one of the people stopping your success. So stop making excuses and stop listening to other people’s excuses. And at first glance, it might seem like there is no path or opportunity for you to get closer to your goals. But there is no direct path to success and there IS opportunity in the places you don’t think. People find success in their own ways.

Keep asking and keep searching until you get your opportunity. And when you get that opportunity, show off! Put on your best clothes, practice for that moment, and dominate that opportunity with confidence. Show off all your hard work, passion, and talent. All it takes is one moment to become everything you always dreamed of and more! But first, stop making excuses — make it happen. Period.

“Everything happens for a reason.” “God does everything for a reason” — statements that send my mind on a rant. Because people firmly believe God is a reason why they are suffering and almost 100% of the time they are the reason, but they don’t see that. They don’t want to see it. And they use these statements to somehow delegate or pin their poor choices on fate, the universe, or worse– God! Let me ask you something. God does have a plan for you but if you don’t stick to the blueprint, why do you blame him for your decisions? God is not responsible for your mistakes and neither did he plan them! He does not control our free will and the way WE choose to live life. So if we are unhappy, unhealthy, and struggling, that is our fault, not God’s. We have to do better according to His will.

I hate to say it but it’s true.

This post isn’t just for the people blaming their choices on God. This is also for the people who blame it on others. We need to stop finding something or someone to blame our faults on. Instead we should take responsibility and action because God is not making our mistakes for us. I mean do you really think God wants you to be unhappy? To struggle and be unhealthy? No. It is ridiculous to say God is responsible for the way you live your life. The way your life ends up is up to you. You can change it.

I know some people will ask, “Are you saying God doesn’t control any of this?” No, I’m saying God does have a plan for your life, but somewhere along the way, you deviated from the masterplan. You got distracted, someone hurt you, or you made stupid decisions. We are human and we are going to fail but you have learn from your mistakes. DO not make them over and over again and then blame God by saying failure and a life full of chaos is his plan for you! C’mon now, be real! That’s silly. Don’t confuse God’s work with the devils. Everything does happen for a reason, but God is not ALWAYS the reason — sometimes it’s you. 

And yes there are consequences for poor choices.

If you are not happy with your life and where you are, you have to change it. God is here to give you the guidance and strength you need to make changes or learn from your mistakes. But YOU have to want to do better.

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