We came:

– From whips and skin-splitting lacerations

And ships and being taken from our nations.

– From hard times and a life of doom;

Being placed in our own restrooms.

We were segregated, separated, and hated.

Our beauty is understated.

– From our children being torn from the arms of their mothers;

And running away from slave hunters.

– From Jim Crow laws and not giving up our seats;

And being scared to plant our feet.

– From being beat

Again and Again and AGAIN.

From the curse,

Of black skin.

From pain,

The anger within.

We are:

– Free

The future and history.

– To having our families back.

Finally it’s not a crime to be black.

And although we still suffer;

We must remember,

How incredible we are.

Our bodies built this nation,

We carry the scars!

To all my brothers and sisters,

Mrs. And Mr.’s;

Take this day

To be proud;

To love being black — Out loud.

Here’s to being allowed!


And we will be so in our own skin.


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