Dear Baby Boy and Baby Bird

One day you both will know how to fly on your own You will be strong and full-grown One day you will leave from the nest But always remember your parents know best One day you will make your parents proud You will soar above all the crowd Until then, stay as you are Because […]

Love Now Lives Here

When people look at me I know they see it They see that love now lives here That love happened And when it happened Our souls weaved together And the two of us became a whole When you tell me I’m beautiful It isn’t really me you’re seeing It’s the reflection The love living in […]

“Rock Bottom” with a Sky High Spirit

“Yea Mon, respect.” He said, as I compliment him. A man that goes by the name of “Rock Bottom” had me in awe visiting his shop on July, 20th, 2017 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The most exciting event of my vacation happened that Thursday evening. His shop full of wood-based carvings, creativity at its finest. […]

Forever Alive

The tiniest thought of death is the most intimidating. Maybe because I’ve never been so alive. I pine for life to never end because the power that came with existence. Sadly, death is the thief that comes with no warning. He has a permanent tattoo of all names. Death steals the living breath from any soul. […]

It’s Christmas Season at Starbucks

Starbucks is in the holiday spirit, it’s all over the menu. Starbucks is known for its unique blends and variety of hot and cold beverages. However, they are even more popular during the holiday season. “A few days ago, we had a long line going down the hallway “, said Clarissa Gomez, an employee at […]