About Perceptual Plazz

She was born to write, to put unbelievable life experiences into words that touch the hearts of those who read them. She has been writing all her life, whether it was to accept reality or cope with it. After battling for her life three times, she came back stronger than ever before and made a promise to herself to never stop writing. Perceptual Plazz came up with her pen name when she realized the power behind life’s experiences and perceptions and how they can alter the way we live life. Now she carries this methodology into her poetry, articles, and books. She is the author, poet, and columnist growing by the day. Find her work in newspapers, academic journals, and magazines. Professionally, she has won awards for excellence in her writing. To learn more about the growing writer you can read her story in her latest release Perseverance Is My Power (available on Amazon). It’s a non-fiction inspirational memoir where she explains her encounters with death and how she overcame them. In the meantime, find her posting daily on her social media profiles and blog: perceptionofplazz.com.