Shoes for Roots

There they stood
These natural things
Effortlessly dancing in the warm breeze
It was then I’d start to plea
I wished it could instead be me
Bursting with curiosity
How’d they done it with ease?

I felt unsettled, unsolved in my small shoes
I wore them knotted and laced tightly for the unknown
Aspiring to plant my roots in the same soil

They stood in three
Giant, stretched above me
Their leaves bright with the suns rays
Their strength ready to take on more days

I’d begun watching routinely
Comparing my progress to their perfection
Looking for any mishap, mistake, or infection
Nevertheless, finding nothing in need of correction
To be like them has become my sole obsession

They never droop, wallow, or weep
Steadily reaching up to the heavens
Closer to the divine than I’d ever be
Daily getting higher
Leaves getting brighter
Their mission always complete

Fathomed not by anything in life at all
In all conditions, from summer to fall
Strong, vigilant, a lesson to us all

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