Don’t Make Excuses, Make it Happen!

Stop making excuses for yourself! Make your dreams, goals, the life you want – HAPPEN!

Perceptual Plazz - Writer, Author, and Poet.

I’m not capable of doing these things. I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I don’t have enough experience. I don’t have the money. I could never do a job that amazing.

Any of those sound familiar to you? Admit it. You have said one of those things, haven’t you? Or you’ve believed it when it came from someone else? I have and the first step to progress is accepting the truth. It’s time to stop beating around the bush. We keep accepting these excuses and we think it’s okay. But it is not okay, because we are hindering our own progress.

Excuses stop success from happening. If you keep making excuses and telling yourself all the reasons why you can’t do something… you will never come close to doing it because you will start to believe it. Excuses, whether they come from you or others, are actually more harmful then…

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THE SLUMP: The Turning Point of Reaching Your Goals

UH-OH! It's the beginning of September! There are only three more months to get our crap together before 2020. We flew passed the half-year mark of 2019 and didn’t even notice it. That went by fast didn't it? If you didn’t read this column would you have noticed? I feel the slump season now. Everyone …

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