This one is for my sisters

My black women

Who stand strong

And never give in

Remember that you are one of a kind

And that our type of beauty is divine

No need to dissolve those curls

The curls link us to one another

No need to be like the other girls

We are incredible like our foremothers

Build your fathers and brothers because they need you

You can’t build them if you aren’t proud of you

Nails done by Koreans

Hair from Brazilians

Stop diluting who you are with other cultures

Start embracing and teach your daughters

We are beautiful– that even an understatement

Stop listening to the hatred

We need to build each other

No neck and eye rolls at the store

We are all the same

What is the jealousy for?

There’s this unspoken war

Between us but we shall unite

This one is for my sisters

My black women

Do stand strong

Don’t ever give in

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