November’s Fall

November’s Fall

I stopped my peaceful walk to sit down on a hard-wood bench.

The wood was chipped, and the paint was worn-down.

Some of its paint had crumbled away, and parts of the bench were rusted.

It was then I noticed the wind had authority over nature.

I heard the trees swooshing back and forth.

Their leaves waving at anything passing by.

The birds were chirping.

You would only hear them if you listened closely.

By now, the wind was no longer a whisper,

It was a restrained roar.

The sun beamed its heavenliness on the trees reaching up to it.

It gave the trees and I hope winter soon would take away.

The bees were buzzing by to smell my hazelnut coffee.

It seemed as if they were dizzied from the force of the wind.

I sighed in awe.

I saw one leaf that fell lifeless to the ground.

It was tired of holding on and finally let go.

It scratched against the sidewalk as the wind pulled it to its destruction.

The leaf was an ashy-brown.

Some were still holding on to their color.

There was one that glowed and swayed in the wind.

This leaf caught my skimming eyes.

It was different from the others.

The leaf glimmered.

The golden rays of the sun bounced off its patchy green and brown surface.

The leaf signaled to me that winter was near.

A bright yellow butterfly gracefully passed and vanished in the grass in front of me.

Trees were making their last effort to pump life back into their now brown and brittle leaves.

The trees refused to let the coming of Winter make them die.

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