Take Me As I Am

I am something impossible to dilute.
The concentrated, raw, and insoluble potion.
Take me, untamable as I am.
My attitude, emotion, and all.
Artistic, innovative, and expressive.
Facial expressions as blatant as a book for dummies.
I’m written in bold legible black letters on paper as white as alabaster.
A black – rich and dark, like a plasma screen tv that’s off all weekend.
Plain for sight.
I’m meant for you to understand.
But not always.
I’m also written in a grey area.
Difficult and challenging like a math problem on a test you keep checking before you turn in.
At times, you can’t quite put a finger on me.
Unpredictable, but only when I choose.
Take me as I am.
I’m intelligent enough to be complicated.
Take me as melanin poppin’ as I am.
My hair – natural, and full of heritage.
I have coils tighter than I clench my black fist during Black History Month.
And that’s tight.
I’m the illegal drug that you feed on,
knowing it destroys your insides every second it’s in your bloodstream.
But you get high the same way, every time.
Take me as I am because you have no choice.
There is nothing in this world like me and there never will be.
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