You Let It Happen

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You’re effortlessly manipulated

You’ll let him lie to you easily

Cause your body gets stimulated

You become a fool and fall blindly

Deep down you know you shouldn’t answer his call.

But you pick up without hesitating.

You act like you have no morals at all.

You see the problem you’re creating?

They don’t want to watch this again.

Why do you want to feel it again?

You know what will happen but you pretend.

You pretend, it won’t end.

You’re smart but make opposite decisions.

Confusion because of infusion,

The effect of your own inflictions.

Investing your time and feelings.

You open your legs and it leads to your heart.

Then be left crying and healing.

Girl you knew what it was from the start.

You let it happen.

Open the door and held it open too.

You let it happen.

You let him do this to you.

Photo Courtesy of Google
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