Real Talk, Doesn’t Talk.

Don’t say it,

Because you’ll say it ’til you can’t say it any more.

Show it,

I don’t want to hear it, I’ve heard it all before.

You love me.

You always have and you’re proud.

You support me.

Y’all always say it aloud.

How about when I ask you for help, you show up?

Start being there.

I don’t need your distant “good luck’s”.

For those I don’t care.

Why can’t you hush up?

Why can’t you be there?

You shouldn’t speak if you can’t back it up.

The real talk, doesn’t talk.

You sound like the rest, go head line up.

The real walks the walk.

Now I won’t expect it.

You’ll come around when I’m on top.

I’m not gone stress it.

I’m just fine, cause my grind, it won’t stop.

Real talk doesn’t talk.

Cause it shows.

Real talk doesn’t talk.

You know how it goes.

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