A Black Woman’s Words -Racism

A social and political matter.

No improving actions,

just continuance in chatter.

Y’all aren’t delusional.

Blacks can too be exceptional.

The words we too write are legible.

If you cut me I too bleed red!

How’s it the 21st century,

and racism still isn’t dead?

Your minuscule mind thinks pigment in my skin makes me inferior .

Discrimination is in occurrence, because you believe you’re superior.

Then you wonder why blacks are so furious.

‘Cause you choose to ignore a problem so serious.

Not by choice,

am I the voice, of my race.

We’re devastated.

I’m also sorry…

for the other targeted groups that are hated.

I can merely tell you I am exhausted!

To hold on to the human race,

’cause it’s not lost yet.

Presently, I’m less of judgment,

and my acceptance has grew.

As a black woman,

that’s all I will say to you.

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