I’ll Try Again

Been here so many times
this isn’t your first
And isn’t mine

Something always goes wrong at the end
They are supposed to be there
Someone whom I can depend

But they get weary and dissolve

Completely away
They’ve made all these promises
But just don’t stay

There is a strong pull that directs me to you
don’t know what it is
and I know it to be true

Maybe it’s how you look at me

or all the little things you do


I want to take this one step at a time
But the other half wants to dive into this mysterious sea

So, I’m undressing
Uncovering these opened wounds

And I’m letting you have me

2 thoughts on “I’ll Try Again

  1. Samantha

    It completely brave of you to offer yourself after everything you may have been through the past I admire that because I allow the past to impact whether I make that brave step… I’ll use this as motivation…😁

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