I Could Be

Do you not realize what my generation is doing to the world ahead? There are people that are too young to be dead.

 Do you not realize what my generation is doing to us all? We have become a disaster, now there is no one to call.

I really could be out like the rest. Fast life, hurting those who know me best.

I could be like them; up to no good. I won’t be like them.. just saying I could.

Do you not see the rapid pace of confusion we have created? We fight and kill over things that shouldn’t even be debated.

Do you not see the silent warfare? Who has a better body, or the longest hair?

I could be chasing the thrill, in the moment, as if nothing matters. Could go out into the streets, and test my luck until my blood splatters.

                 Too many mothers have kissed their children goodbye. Take a look around you, Can you see the youth die?

I could forget about my education and my dreams. That’s what everyone else is doing, it seems..

If this doesn’t disturb you, I don’t know what will! You are numb, for you I truly feel.

I could be them.. but I am me. 

I could be them, don’t you see?


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