Your tears fell

My heart felt

Like it would melt

Melt me ALL THE WAY down

My King finally gave me my crown

The wedding day arrived

And suddenly I felt more alive

I had a purpose

All my struggles became worth it

My brother held me up as my knees buckled

I walked down the aisle gracefully

Boldly, like royalty, heart pounding

Tears falling

Eyes wandering

Breath shortening

Attention grabbing

In all white

Nothing ever felt more right

The crowd.. stunned like a star in the night

Like a deer in headlights

This moment…

I saw you

You were in blue

Your eyes stuck to me like glue

In shock that this was true

Baby I have never been more attracted to you

Crisp, fresh, edged up, like a chocolate pot of gold

I mean … you glowed

You stole the show

Like you stole my heart four years ago

You stood tall and proud

Our energy moved the crowd

I was floating

The way you looked at me

Our smiles glimmering

The pastor was praying

Our vows we were saying

I had you for the taking

You had me for the homemaking

And here we are

Mr. and Mrs.

To be your wife is sweeter than angel kisses

The love we share is precious

Keep me forever like this

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