Truthful Rants

They say when intoxicated
The truth comes out.
Not for me, I speak truth
When I’m good and sober.
You’re goin to know
If you’re in or out
When my rant is over.
I rather get it off my chest
Than carry the weight on my shoulders.


Call it whatever you want
That’s just fine!
I’m okay with being the only one
Who actually speaks their mind!
Cause some of you need to hear it
Somebody’s got to tell you about yourselves
I am not gonna hold back not one bit
A little truth is good for your health

I’m just saying how I feel
Why I gotta be rude cause
I’m keeping it real?
To be honest, Fake it until you make ain’t ever been me.
I can’t fake, in fact that word makes me uneasy.
Why when I’m being honest I gotta have an attitude problem?
I told you I was going to tell the truth in this poem.
I’m gonna make some stomachs sink
Let me tell you the truth
What people don’t say and really think

I think…

Some people don’t get what they really want out of life
And they settle
Never living up to their potential

I think…

Men don’t respect women anymore
Because we don’t respect each other
They call us bitches and whores
Don’t you know love makes us tougher?

I think…

Work is a trap
Life wasn’t meant to be all bills
But humanity adapts
While stress kills

I think…

The company you keep around you can destroy your life
People will plant seeds of envy
They want to see you hurt and strife
And cause boatloads of frenzy

I think…

Black folks need more education
But because of gentrification
We are at war for complete emancipation
America’s gotta stop the rotation

I think…

Most people who spend all their time in church
Need Jesus the most, but we all hurt
They think they are better than everyone
Most hypocritical
Their love is conditional

I think…

White girls shouldn’t wear braided singles and locks
Because that is black culture it’s all we got

I think…

The hard people are really the most deep
I think they care
But people don’t listen when they share

I think…

Some people don’t deserve a child
I think they are too selfish and wild

I think…

Most people shouldn’t be allowed to drive
Everybody shouldn’t be allowed to have guns
Most women settle for men they shouldn’t
Most men have done things they wish they wouldn’t
Most people don’t really care about you
But I keep hurting myself because I think they do
Dogs are better than people
People make promises they can’t keep
I think I’m cutting way too deep

So I’ll be done
Some of you were at the edge of your seat and
This was only session one

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