The Morning of Forever

The sunlight filled our room

And I was wrapped in its warmth.

In that moment you wrapped me up in your warmth too.

I woke up and looked over

To see the most beautiful being looking right back at me

And I thought

Will you wake up next to me forever?

As you do every morning

But this morning was a bit different.

The sun shined a little brighter

Your kisses were a little sweeter

My soul felt at peace

And I’d become one of the most fortunate on the planet

I’d become your future

You ask me to join you on the ride

The ride of forever

It felt like the galaxy opened up just for me when I heard those words come from your sweet lips.

“Will you marry me?”

In that moment tears filled your eyes and they filled mine too

I was overtaken by your love and our bed became more than just a bed.

It became a Kingdom.

It was the place we laid out our foundation – our empire.

It felt like incredible personally knew me

I couldn’t help but scream


And here we are, about to start this new chapter together.

To be continued…

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