When we Glide (Censored/Uncensored)

What’s the best way to say something inappropriate, appropriately?

Can you tell me how you feel but with your hands?

Baby, can you rattle me around like pots and pans?

Twist me up like a pretzel.

Pin me down like a thumbtack to a bulletin board.

You’ve won and I’m your award.

So take me home and put me up.

You’re my doctor.

I need a checkup.

What’s the best way to be gracious about something flirtatious?

Can we make magic?

We are magic.

The type of spark we have starts fires.

Flames that can’t be put out or calmed.

Don’t pause

Just play.

and then replay.

and then stay.

Let’s blow hot smoke like a kettle.

Because the temperature in our hearts is rising.

Can you make this desert rain?

‘Cause you’ve quenched thirst I never knew I had.

Babe 4

Baby, you complete my puzzle.

Make our hearts cuddle.

Make our souls snuggle.

You are the crime and I’m the trouble.

You’re the only one who can make my feathers ruffle.

Squeeze me in your hands like your favorite drink.

You’re the only one who can make my sun rise and make my ship sink.

Baby, I’m just telling you what I think.

We are magnets.

Joined together by the axis.

You’re the athlete and I’m the practice.

Lather me up in your love oil.

I’m the flower you’re my soil.

Draw me on the sketch pad of your brain.

The picture of me in your mind will be stained.

When you close your eyes you’ll see me every time.

I yearn to be the anatomy of your mind.

When our parts intertwine we coincide.

When I am beside and your inside.

We glide.

Together we are tied.

Be my future and my past.

Baby, don’t move so fast.

These sweeter moments are meant to last.


8 Comments on “When we Glide (Censored/Uncensored)

  1. Wow!! Tell me more. This is so realistic! 😘


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