Love now Lives Here

When people look at me I know they see it

They see that love now lives here

That love happened

And when it happened

Our souls weaved together

And the two of us became a whole

When you tell me I’m beautiful

It isn’t really me you’re seeing

It’s the reflection

The love living in me



It just happened

Like the ocean reflects the sky

When I smile it’s the reward of your carefulness

The way you are gentle with me

When my spirit sparkles

It is your undying faith

And everyone can see it

That love now lives here

My smile

My beauty

It’s because you made love happen

6 Comments on “Love now Lives Here

  1. Awesome I can remember a little nappy headed girl I was scrawny but look at you now a beautiful queen with a great future ahead of you I am so proud of you keep up the good work love always to the Moon and back Grandma Shirley

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