Fatherless Happiness

You helped create me.
You didn’t lead me.

You didn’t make me who I am today.
You never told me it would be okay.

You didn’t teach me what I know.
You weren’t there to watch me grow.

You weren’t there the first time I got my heart broken.
There are too many words unspoken.

When you’ve seen me you never know where to start.
That’s shows how many years we’ve been apart.

You don’t have a place in my heart.
A father is supposed to impart.

You are forgiven.
‘Cause that’s what my God’s written.

The anger from my soul has been released.
And my grudge towards you is deceased.

God gave you a blessing in a child.
You took it and gave it back.

The guilt piled and piled.
This is why you attack.

I understood that a dad is a luxury.
You’re not really a necessity.
Without you, I’ve been very happy.
I don’t even long for your company.

This Poem is published in the Academic Journal Tapestry of 2016.

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