Your Eyes

They are something only God could make.

When I gaze in your eyes, my breath you take.

Your eyes stop my thoughts.
Snatching and mesmerizing.

Look away, I cannot.

Pulling and hypnotizing.

They force my pair, to stop and stare.

They cause the pause anytime, anywhere.

Then we see nothing but us.

We speak without words.

Our eyes discuss.

Your eyes

Your eyes

They’re so alive

They have a calm unexplainable.

The everyday and the occasional.

You’ve caught me, the untamable.

Your eyes create a bond, unbreakable.

Your eyes

Your eyes

They’re purified.


You helped create me.
You didn’t lead me.

You didn’t make me who I am today.
You never told me it would be okay.

You didn’t teach me what I know.
You weren’t there to watch me grow.

You weren’t there the first time I got my heart broken.
There are too many words unspoken.

When you’ve seen me you never know where to start.
That’s shows how many years we’ve been apart.

You don’t have a place in my heart.
A father is supposed to impart.

You are forgiven.
‘Cause that’s what my God’s written.

The anger from my soul has been released.
And my grudge towards you is deceased.

God gave you a blessing in a child.
You took it and gave it back.

The guilt piled and piled.
This is why you attack.

I understood that a dad is a luxury.
You’re not really a necessity.
Without you, I’ve been very happy.
I don’t even long for your company.

This Poem is published in the Academic Journal Tapestry of 2016.

Writer’s objective and perception: The entry lines of the poem are describing the roads in comparison with the people of Jamaica. It is a metaphor for their skin tones, and other contributions of their culture (eating, driving, dancing, etc.). The middle lines focus on their lives, appearances, personas. Then the land is described. Lastly, the poem explains why people continue to visit Jamaica. 



Sun-dried, weary, bold; different shades of black.

Snake-shaped, crowded, narrow, and plenty of cracks.

Natural, real, happy, and healthy.

Wide spectrum of poor and wealthy.

Green, free, proud, and clear waters.

Black babies with black mothers and fathers.

An island captivated by a kind so tough, and wise.

An island visited consecutively by tourists eyes.

Hurricane hosting, black people boasting, and

Cruise ships floating.



Heavy Expectations 

Heavy, heavy!

Is the weight on my shoulders.


Formed these ponderous boulders.

They won’t let me rest.

They won’t allow a break.

Forcing me to be the best,

with each move I make.

Heavy, So heavy!

Why do you get more enormous?

Seems you get worse!

Your faith’s so ginormous,

Heavy! Heavy! You are.

The credit’s to you,

I wouldn’t be thus far!


Photo Courtesy of Google

A social and political matter.

No improving actions,

just continuance in chatter.

Y’all aren’t delusional.

Blacks can too be exceptional.

The words we too write are legible.

If you cut me I too bleed red!

How’s it the 21st century,

and racism still isn’t dead?

Your minuscule mind thinks pigment in my skin makes me inferior .

Discrimination is in occurrence, because you believe you’re superior.

Then you wonder why blacks are so furious.

‘Cause you choose to ignore a problem so serious.

Not by choice,

am I the voice, of my race.

We’re devastated.

I’m also sorry…

for the other targeted groups that are hated.

I can merely tell you I am exhausted!

To hold on to the human race,

’cause it’s not lost yet.

Presently, I’m less of judgment,

and my acceptance has grew.

As a black woman,

that’s all I will say to you.

Been here so many times
this isn’t your first
And isn’t mine

Something always goes wrong at the end
They are supposed to be there
Someone whom I can depend

But they get weary and dissolve

Completely away
They’ve made all these promises
But just don’t stay

There is a strong pull that directs me to you
don’t know what it is
and I know it to be true

Maybe it’s how you look at me

or all the little things you do


I want to take this one step at a time
But the other half wants to dive into this mysterious sea

So, I’m undressing
Uncovering these opened wounds

And I’m letting you have me

Why do you move so fast? Other moments, too slow.

We all should learn,
to go with the flow.

We plan things on you, without your permission.

You’re the boss and make all the decisions.

You always have control, and set the pace.

Once you’re gone, no one can retrace.

Managing you is never easy.

You come and go so briefly.

We aren’t ever aware of what’s going or coming.

I know “time will only tell”

The importance you hold is known so well.

You remind people they can excel or fail.

you tell what, why, and when.

You tell us when things end or begin

You fly by so fast.

We will all become the past.

Because you’re something no one can outlast.

Can you picture a hot-air balloon? You have to drop  weight out of the basket so it can rise into the sky. If it’s too heavy it won’t leave the ground and remain stationary.

To elevate it must separate from whatever is keeping it down. “ELEVATION MEANS SEPARATION”.

Metaphorically speaking, think of what I just said, to be your progression in life. Those weights are people or negative predicaments.

Question if what you’re currently doing is of your utmost potential. If it isn’t, why? Is there someone or something holding you back?

You can’t elevate if you have various people or situations holding you down. In order for you to elevate, you have to cut the rope, or drop the weights, in other words. Those negative situations or people keep you from progressing. They make you stationary.

You have to drop weight. Drop all those negative people who say you can’t do what you aspire to or those situations that make it virtually impossible to dedicate yourself to your dream. Sometimes that could mean pulling yourself from everything and everyone you know. If you don’t you will be stationary. You could stay where you are for until you process this.

A couple years ago I went through a mental reset. I evaluated my life and those in it. I evaluated what I was doing with it.  This is the time I wanted everything to improve.This stage is when you take a detailed look at everything that has to do with you.

Personally,  I had people, memories, burdens, situations, and grudges that kept me hostage. I was starting to feel like there was a blessing and it was being restrained because I wouldn’t let go or move on. I was a bit distraught but then I realized this is positive, because it’s the first step; acknowledgement. Its how progression starts. You have to first acknowledge there is a need for improvement, then improve.

I thought about all the times someone told me I could NOT do something. I thought about all the times they stood in my way. Or the times I felt situations resulted into a disaster. The times I even stood in my own way because I was scared these people were right. However, I saw that they were wrong and I was wrong.

I realized that people just react that way  because they are scared. They are scared because I’d outgrow them. They feared me being successful in something they didn’t believe I could do in the first place.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
Coco Chanel

Boy, is she right. Think about you, become  selfish with your future and yourself. Tell people you are putting yourself first. Make yourself a priority and everything else after.

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”
William Faulkner

Leave what you know behind to experience something new. Sometimes you have to chance it. You have to go off the possibility – pure maybe. No security, and no foundation. Be crazy for success. Leave majority of what you know behind so you can learn even more.
My ambition began to overflow my body. I had those three words stuck on my mind repetitively.


It was time for me to separate from nearly everything. From my loved ones, my home, my friends, and comfort zone. Basically, everything I knew. It was the best way to elevate myself and I stayed strong in what I believed although people close to me disagreed. I realized that no matter what I do, there will always be someone who disagrees. I told myself to be fearless and keep pushing ahead, even if I’m alone.

What made this stage essential? Well, I was going to outgrow some things  I got used to and people. From that moment forward everyone was not going to like or support my decisions. However, I didn’t care. You’ll never be happy trying to please everyone. I had to grasp the idea that I had to support myself.

Even if I was the only one who wanted to see me elevate.I started to change in ways I’d never imagined possible. I knew what I had to do to get what I wanted the most, success. I was not willing to take no for an answer. I did not know where I was heading but I had to go.  I knew that to elevate I had to separate. My “balloon” contains no height limits.  I had to drop those weights. My life has changed for the better.