Lessons Still Not Learned (One day that will change.)

The frustration and annoyance continues… the same feelings, and the same questions. Here I am again. I am faced with another test of my patience and I… I am definitely failing. Again. When am I going to get it right? Will I ever get it right?

Do you ever wonder why you keep facing the same challenges no matter where you go? You can’t run fast enough from them. You just can’t get away. Do you wonder why you’re getting upset at the same things? Because you haven’t learned. Just like me.

I have been going through this internal battle for years. I mean since I was in high school. The same thing I’d get my butt whooped for. It’s just funny because I keep being faced with the same challenge. God is really pushing me to the limit with this and won’t stop until I get it.

The challenge is learning to be patient. I struggle terribly with having patience and more tolerance. In fact, in this chaotic and inconsiderate world… I think it’s wearing thinner these days and honestly, I am scared. I’m scared that I won’t get it and I won’t learn from these people and situations that keep testing me in these areas. And I will keep failing. FOREVER.

I had a moment last week. I probably get these moments every week ha. One of those flustered spells I go on every once in a while. Basically irritable with things that are not organized and moving too slow for me. I hate wasting time and while being a hustler is a good thing, it’s has it’s downfalls too. I have to learn that things don’t move on my time. And the whole reason I came up with this post is because I realized for a person to make progress, to pass these lessons, they must recognize what these lessons are to begin with. Are you getting what I’m saying? What’s your lesson?

Be honest with yourself. What is it that bothers you or that keeps breaking you every time you encounter it? Dig deep, take your blinders off and take a clear look. There are different challenges at different points in our lives. We’re never going to stop being challenged. God has a way of putting these things in place and we are strong enough to get through them. I am strong enough.

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