THE SLUMP: The Turning Point of Reaching Your Goals

UH-OH! It’s the beginning of September! There are only three more months to get our crap together before 2020. We flew passed the half-year mark of 2019 and didn’t even notice it. That went by fast didn’t it? If you didn’t read this column would you have noticed? I feel the slump season now. Everyone has a bad case of the slumps, it’s happening all around me and contagious! Do you not see it? The truth is, the gyms are empty again while the fast-food lines to Taco Bell are long. This is that time of the year, where everyone lets themselves go. While we were so caught up in life and not noticing that we are in the last quarter of the year, we forgot about something. Something very important- ourselves! But now is the most important time to remember ourselves. So we can get over this half-year slump.

Remember at the end of the last year you made some promises? You made revelations, right? Maybe that you’d get in better shape, eat healthier, stop messing with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, and put yourself first from now on? Whatever you promised yourself, you forgot about it. And now eight months into the year, you’ve barely made any progress if any at all. It never ends the way it starts guys.

This is the time we get lazy, we fall back into what we are used to… before we know it, the year is over. It becomes four years or ten years and you haven’t lost weight, gotten into shape, applied for that job you wanted, taken the exam to get your license, or started making better choices about who you’re dating like you promised yourself years ago. Believe me, it’ll take a toll on you sooner or later.

Guess what? I’m guilty too and we all have our own reasons why we’ve reverted back to what we knew. It’s what we’re used to. I think we don’t keep up with these revelations because life gets crazy, we become to busy for ourselves, and just forget: or the scariest reason, we start losing the people that can’t keep up. So we stop when we should really be pushing harder.

Well, it’s time to snap out of it! Give ourselves a good kick in the you know what! If you cannot get over this half-year slump, you cannot make those transitions you need to make before 2020, or before the rest of your life happens. However, you won’t actually make positive habits out of yourself if you don’t get over this slump, that’s just the truth. And these slumps happen over and over again. Period.

There is something magical happening in you right now. You’re facing adversity and tribulation because you’re so close to your goal. And if you’re wondering where God is, God is always with you but YOU need to be with YOU.

“The teacher is always quiet during the test.”

Anything worth having is worth fighting for. You did make progress, you tried, and now you have to keep trying. You’re used to giving up at this exact moment every time. These slumps, don’t just happen at this time of the year, they happen all the time but if you can get over this slump, you’ll be where you imagined. I know you’re tired… we all are tired.

What I am trying to say is that we made those revelations for a reason. We know what we wanted for ourselves and knew who we were around and what we were doing in the past, was not going to cut it. It’s important for us to remember that!

“When you want to quit, remember why you started.”

Do not let that slump defeat you! Get your act together now. Get your mind re-focused and get back on track. Don’t stop and while you’re doing that, pray about your progress so it can manifest into an actual habit, better yet, a part of you. AND SAY NO TO THE SLUMPS! Ha.

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