Don’t Blame God for Your Mistakes. Learn from them.

“Everything happens for a reason.” “God does everything for a reason” — statements that send my mind on a rant. Because people firmly believe God is a reason why they are suffering and almost 100% of the time they are the reason, but they don’t see that. They don’t want to see it. And they use these statements to somehow delegate or pin their poor choices on fate, the universe, or worse– God! Let me ask you something. God does have a plan for you but if you don’t stick to the blueprint, why do you blame him for your decisions? God is not responsible for your mistakes and neither did he plan them! He does not control our free will and the way WE choose to live life. So if we are unhappy, unhealthy, and struggling, that is our fault, not God’s. We have to do better according to His will.

I hate to say it but it’s true.

This post isn’t just for the people blaming their choices on God. This is also for the people who blame it on others. We need to stop finding something or someone to blame our faults on. Instead we should take responsibility and action because God is not making our mistakes for us. I mean do you really think God wants you to be unhappy? To struggle and be unhealthy? No. It is ridiculous to say God is responsible for the way you live your life. The way your life ends up is up to you. You can change it.

I know some people will ask, “Are you saying God doesn’t control any of this?” No, I’m saying God does have a plan for your life, but somewhere along the way, you deviated from the masterplan. You got distracted, someone hurt you, or you made stupid decisions. We are human and we are going to fail but you have learn from your mistakes. DO not make them over and over again and then blame God by saying failure and a life full of chaos is his plan for you! C’mon now, be real! That’s silly. Don’t confuse God’s work with the devils. Everything does happen for a reason, but God is not ALWAYS the reason — sometimes it’s you. 

And yes there are consequences for poor choices.

If you are not happy with your life and where you are, you have to change it. God is here to give you the guidance and strength you need to make changes or learn from your mistakes. But YOU have to want to do better.

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