“Perseverance Is My Power” is Now Available!

Prevail, persevere, and be victorious with the true story of Perseverance Is My Power. You will experience the many trials Plazz had to overcome. A young lady, who faced death three times and survived, learned after every encounter. At the ages of 9, 16, and 20, she was left questioning the possibilities. She struggled to have faith in God, but then He revealed himself to her. God showed her that she was made to be victorious! She came back stronger than ever before and is ready to take on almost anything. She accepted her power of perseverance. Now it is your turn to conquer the hardships of life! Purchase the book today for $12.99 on Amazon!

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3 Comments on ““Perseverance Is My Power” is Now Available!

  1. This will be a wonderful story, with an Amazing ending of a Beautiful Healthy young lady that I have come to know as a Genius for writing!! Good luck Hun!! Wishing you all the best!! ❤️I will support you in every way possible!! I want that book!!👍 Can’t wait to see when it hit shelves and Online soon!!


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