Protecting Your Home and Your Functionality

Home is a place of purity –a reflection of you and what you think is important in your life! It is the sacred place to unwind from the world’s craziness, to be yourself, to refresh, and to create happy memories. Home is the key to our functionality. So why wouldn’t you protect it? You make your home special by emphasizing your values, so that you’re happy to call it yours. Truth is, the home, its vibes, environment, and its memories, are what keeps us whole or tears us apart. We really need to protect and cherish our homes because they are impactful to our lives and more so than we think. And I don’t mean just projecting it with alarms, I mean its well-being — its atmosphere. A detrimental break-in demolishing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health can happen in your home too and chances are, you aren’t prepared. The devil and his demons are hard at work breaking into homes stealing happiness, love, and peace everyday!

This is what I mean:

  1. Be aware of the vibes you bring or keep in your home. Okay so what do I mean by vibes exactly? A vibe is an atmosphere or person’s emotional state. A vibe is felt by others and it lingers. This is definitely number one for me. I strive everyday to make my home comforting, inspiring, loving, and genuine. However, it makes no sense for me to work this hard (or you) if I am just going to invite in a negative vibe! So always be paying attention to the type of people and attitude you bring inside. Vibes are visitors and sometimes they stay a little longer than expected… so don’t bring in unwanted guests. And I know you’ll bring in funky vibes from work and not be in the best mood sometimes, but if your home has a warm, relaxing, and loving feel to it, those negative vibes will fall right off of you! See what I mean?
  2. You are a product of your environment (home). Number one and two kind of go hand-in-hand. Surround yourself with what you value and what you want to be. Whatever keeps you sane and dedicated to your dreams, keep it around you. And make sure they are always visible, because “if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind!”. If you are an artistic person, surround yourself with paintings, bright colors, and things that make you want to bring out your creativity as an artist. If you value your religion, surround yourself with bibles and even little Buddha statues if that’s what you’re into. If you want to be a professional ballerina, surround yourself with posters and ways to become that. For instance, I am someone who values God, my career as a writer, and my happiness. So, I have a lot of my favorite bible quotes written down, journals and books around the house, and pictures of me and my loved ones. Whenever, I feel slightly discouraged or unmotivated, I read these books, write in these journals, pray, and look at smiling pictures — relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring me. You become the person you really are when you are at home, so why not make it the best you?
  3. Create memories at home that will last a lifetime. Memories are what gives life meaning. Watch your baby take their first steps down the hallway. Watch your favorite movies with your spouse. Laugh really hard until wine comes out of your nose. Learn a new dance move right in the middle of your living room floor. Scale your first fish. Memories like this make our heart melt. I promise you these will be the things you cherish forever. And no matter where you go, you will always remember them. “Home is where the heart is!”.
  4. Emphasize all aspects of your health. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are all equally important in their own ways. So find a way to be healthy in all of them everyday at home. Cook meals that are good for your body, detoxify your skin, appealing to your physical health. And read or listen to something positive appealing to your mental and spiritual health. Maybe talk to your significant other or sibling about how you really feel about things to appeal to your emotional health. Find your own special ways to stay healthy because when we’re out in the world all day, we don’t always make the most healthy choices.

I hope these things I’ve mentioned help you realize your home’s importance and remind you of the different type of protection it needs.

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