You know it’s real ’cause it’s perfect and it wasn’t planned

We had no idea how God was dealing his hand

We vibe and relate on so many levels

From the color of our skin to the way our hair grows

You are my lover but black says you’re my brother

No love can replace or subdue

The common history I have with you

Strong love

Because of what our ancestors went though

You know it’s real when you hold him and you can feel his pain

A colored man in a white land

In their eyes we are the same



But our love isn’t haunted

And we are electrifying

We are the image of black love

The kind people speak of

When the world says you’re a criminal — I will hold you tightly

When the news is subliminal — I’ll prepare you for it wisely

The bond

The bond they are trying to rip apart

But you are like me

You have scars on your heart

Only I can heal them daily

We are entangled because of our pigmented skin

You can never run from me because together we win

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