Countless times

You’ve swept me off my feet and my guards

They come crashing down

Forceful like when magnets meet and my heart

Can’t slow down

Everything you are is breathtaking



We are a miracle in the making

When your eyes unravel me

You cause a trembling

Only you hold the power to undress me

Not only physically but spiritually

Everyday you impress me

And I am willingly,

Captive to your love spell

You’re everything

The opposite of hell

I love when our lips meet underneath the starlights

Your comfort ensures that everything will be alright

And when I float on the mysterious waves of your brain

searching for your inner thoughts

The words unsaid, that remain

The way you look at me speaks for itself

That communication keeps me sane

You’ve made sugar taste so much sweeter

Life so much happier

My smile — so much brighter

You are the example of all good and pure

Our love will endure

And I, will always be yours