1st Review: Perseverance Is My Power 📚🖋❤️ — De’Stini Henderson

“Perseverance is my Power is an absolute phenomenal book that hits some not only amazing times in her life but also her saddest times. Perceptual Plazz made me want more and made me never take anything I have for granted. It does not matter your age, this story will touch each and every person who reads it. To see such a young, strong, beautiful woman go through all these things and still come out on top, is absolutely amazing. This story will go on to win many awards and I cannot wait for her second book to come out. Shoot for the stars Perceptual Plazz and keep your eyes on the goal.” — De’Stini Henderson

Thank you De’Stini, for your support and review. It is greatly appreciated! ❤️

Book Avaiable here (Amazon): https://www.amazon.com/Perseverance-My-Power-Triumphs-Over/dp/173367070X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1549285557&sr=8-2&keywords=perseverance+is+my+power