What opportunities have you said no to? How many times should you have said yes? I’m sure you answered those questions with the feeling of regret. It’s time you face it. You’ve said no to opportunities that could’ve change the whole trajectory of your life. Don’t let that happen again, change by taking advantage of your blessings.

It is in our human nature to want better. But we can’t have better, if we are not taking advantage of the opportunities to improve. You have got to stop saying no to your blessings and opportunities. When opportunities come knocking at your door, don’t you hide under the bed; And then later question why you aren’t where you want to be.

I used to be like that. I used to say no. I said no out of fear because I was scared to embarrass myself or worse, let myself and those who believed in me down. But we can’t live in fear of failing, because trying is better than not trying at all. Take advantage of opportunities like helping others with what you have access to, going up to the alter if your pastor asks for a testimony, or even taking on a long-term and complex task at work you think you’re not ready for. Chances are you will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. Just say yes, simple right?

You’ll find that most people do not say yes to opportunities. If they do, it’s not right away. For example, years ago I was asked to speak at a seminar because of a poem I submitted to an academic journal. I had a hard time even submitting the poem, to begin with, because it was about a very personal experience, but I did anyway. Who would’ve thought it’d land me in a room full of interested people? I basically said no to speaking, but the committee insisted. They had more faith in me than I did in myself at the time. For me, it was easier to write what I experienced than it was to get in front of a room of people and explain why I wrote this poem. It was nothing short of terrifying. At last, I said yes. After I spoke and presented the poem, my website and poetry took off!

Another example? In 2017, I was asked by the newspaper adviser to apply for the vacant Sports Editor position at the university I attended. I thought, “little ol’ me, could never.” I told her that I didn’t think I was ready for a job so important. There was no way I could edit and guide people on how to write sports articles using the right format, pictures, lingo… everything. After debating for a few days, I finally said yes. I was named the first FEMALE Sports Editor the university has ever had. Imagine how that looked on a resume. And wow did this blessing open the door for other blessings. But that’s enough about me.

What about you? What opportunities in the future can change your life? What can you do differently? If you don’t change that nasty habit of saying no to your opportunities, you will never reach your full potential. God wrote your story so perfectly. He does everything for a reason and at the time He knows you ARE ready. Opportunities don’t present themselves for no reason, they appear for you to take them seriously. Stop listening to those doubts and fears. That dream of yours is still yours if you claim it. Even if someone, or yourself is saying you can’t do it. People have told me I can’t make a career out of writing and still eat full meals. I called B.S. So know that you can and you will. But first you have to grab those opportunities by the horns and ride that bull all the way to success. You have blessings with your name on them, claim them. Don’t miss them again.

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” – William Arthur Ward

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