Why did I Choose Perception?

I could’ve went with any other word to be the theme of my writing and blog. Truthfully, I am glad I didn’t, but I had no idea how mighty the word was when it dawned on me. I’ll tell you that I would choose it again because it is a remarkable thing. When I was 20-years-old and experienced my third near-death experience, I realized something. The way I saw the world, came from my experiences and consciousness.

I knew that day by sharing my perception with others, could inspire and even change the way someone else lived their life. I know it isn’t a thought a typical 20-year-old would be having, but I never turn down a blessing when I encounter one, so I ran with it. God allowed me to noticed just how important perception really was and still is.

Almost everything everyone does in life comes from their perception. We literally make choices every single day based on our consciousness and experiences. For example,  I am living my life because of how my consciousness tells me to live it. And my conscious speaks to me different than yours speaks to you. But with all that said, the key to living a happy life regardless of what you’ve been through or where you come from, is all based on your perception. Isn’t that huge? Once you change your perception you can change your life.

Perception Meaning:

  • The result of observation and consciousness.
  • The organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.

Perceptual Meaning:

  • Is interpreting or noticing through the senses.
  • The representation of what is perceived;basic component in the formation of a concept.

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