What About the Positives?

I know I’m late and so is this post, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!🎊 🎆 There’s been something in mind these last couple of weeks, as I log in to my social media, I see folks everywhere claiming their testimonies and goals for 2019. They post about what they will change and who they want to become. Most of the time, it’s about how the previous year was so horrible –in the form of the “New Year, New Me” movement. It’s a new year, but the approach remains the same. Eventually, the lines at fast food restaurants will be long again, the gym will be empty again, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, most will fall back into their old habits, while others begin to transform into an entirely new person this year. But one thing to remember about this movement, is that most of the time these resolutions come from the failures of the previous year.

But in this time of changes, I will remain the same in most aspects. So, I made up my own movement (you can borrow it, as long as you tag me lol) it’s #NewYearImprovedMe. Anyway, I did not participate in this “New Year, New Me” movement because I don’t want to train my mind to focus on a failure I need to fix immediately.  I’m just going to improve or brush up on what I already know. I don’t say this to be condescending or mock the idea or approach of a new year resolution, I just think it should be adjusted a little bit. Trust me,  I understand we may have all done things in 2018 that we are embarrassed about. Like we befriended the wrong people, found ourselves in toxic relationships, said some hurtful things to the ones we love, or even tolerated things we shouldn’t have – or whatever the case may be. However, instead of beating ourselves up over the twelve pounds we gained, or wrong things we said and did, we should focus on what we did positive in 2018 too.

In the midst of the “New Year, New Me” movement, we forget what we did right in the previous year. We push the positives aside and choose to focus on all the negative. This act can be discouraging and frustrating and with those two things involved, another failure is right around the corner. Everyone complains about what they need to change, but they forget what they don’t! Don’t become tunnel-visioned on negatives and mistakes and disregard the improvements. Here’s an idea, Why don’t you make a positivity list? Keep the positives from 2018 and add your 2019 goals for the new year on that list of positives. I agree that some things should change, but I am sure you can find things to keep around as armor for 2019’s battles.

Why become a completely new person because you’ve made a few mistakes and start over? I’m sure 2018 taught you something that could be very useful in 2019. Walking into the new year focusing on what you did wrong and not correctly, is kind of asking to make the same mistakes again. Instead, remember how you responded, what you learned, and what you can improve on the next time around. Take those lessons with you my friend. Let’s not count them out. Don’t be new, be the improved you! 😀

All I can say, is that I am grateful for 2018. I am not perfect and didn’t have a perfect year, but I can’t be harsh and not include my positives. Every year’s positives are different and worth remembering. I’m bringing the lessons learned into 2019, and I’m excited about what 2019 will teach me! #NewYearImprovedMe

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