Perseverance Is My Power by Perceptual Plazz

I can’t believe I’m still alive after all I’ve been through. I’m not only physically alive but spiritually as well – and even more now than ever before. Daily, I look in the mirror and get reminded of death from a six-inch scar down my stomach and the terrorizing nightmares that sometimes replay in my mind. How could I have faced death three times? How can my own father treat me as if I don’t exist, as if I am nothing to him? How did my single mother raise two kids on her own? Why did I ever doubt God’s presence in my life? Yes, this all happened and because it didn’t kill me it only made me stronger! Now, I know I am worthy of life, love, and purpose! Now, I know there can never be light without darkness! And it is my time to shine. With the love of God, and perseverance, there is nothing I cannot and will not overcome. I pray you find happiness even when there seems to be nothing to smile about like I have. Now I see those near-death experiences and struggles as blessings. Get your copy of Perseverance Is My Power; the inspirational story of my real life. In December 2018, it will be available online and in stores near you. For more details on the exact day of release and availability, subscribe to my website

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