Review: Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson

In Sadie Robertson’s Live Fearless: A Call to Power, Passion, and Purpose, she tells the story of her journey and how she grew in the blood of Christ. Robertson highlights significant bible verses along the way.

I didn’t buy this book because I was a fearful person (But I am terrified of insects, spiders, crickets, roaches.. ugh), I bought it because I wanted a reason to remain fearless of the world’s disasters and chaos and Sadie gave me those reasons.

When I first pick up a book, I look at the design and layout. As I picked up Live Fearless, I loved the cover, fonts, colors, and style of the book altogether. (I am analytical of the presentation of a book but I believe that just comes from what I do for a living and writing my own books. Maybe the presentation isn’t as important to you.)

While reading this book, I appreciated Robertson’s voice and graceful style. As a young woman in my mid-twenties, it’s difficult to find those in my generation who believe in God. Sadie Robertson is not that at all. She is the confident voice, and the angel on the shoulder, we all need at times.

I really enjoyed the tone of the book because I felt like Sadie was having a conversation with me. I admire how soft-spoken and sympathetic she was. I feel like the book is written with the context that everyone can interpret and relate to. Whether you are in high school, a graduate student, or in your mid 50’s, you can relate to the voice in this book. 

Everyone has their own battles in life but Sadie reminds us that what matters is that we don’t steer away from God when those happen. 

When I read a book, I usually highlight what is important or stands out to me because I can refer to it later. But Sadie had a slightly different approach, she left space in the back of the book for note-taking. I love that Sadie allowed me to write notes in the book while I followed along. This technique was helpful because it made the book more of an experience. I think the note-taking might be very useful for some people.

Sade also wrote some really quotable things. I highlighted the things she said that really spoke to me. I think you might enjoy them too. Here they are:

  • ” When we become angry over something, we need to move quickly to establish peace in our hearts.”
  •  “When we let times or circumstances change us, we often don’t realize the problem it causes.”
  • “I could not let what other people thought or said about me affect what I thought and said about myself.”

These are just some of the motivational and truthful quotes that stuck out to me. You will have to read it yourself to find what you’re looking for.