Are you a writer or author on the fence about having a website?

Then let me explain why you SHOULD have one.

It is 2018, the height of the millennial age – businesses, professionals, and public figures are scrambling to stay one step ahead of each other. All in a market where digital savviness and technological advancements are key.

As a public relations specialist, journalist, poet, and newly found author, I’ve learned something as simple as having a website, and internet appearance could determine the success of my career. Some people think social media is enough, but I am here to tell you it is not. I could go on all day about the advantages and disadvantages of social media but for now, I will focus on what a website can do for you. A website may appear to be a small factor, but it is indeed major and necessary for various reasons.

First, a website acts as a form of identification. Without an identity, would anyone know who you are or if you exist? No. The same concept applies to you and your work. Social media cannot hold you up alone, you need a website. One place that tells all the information about you and your work. With the rapid growth in the digital market, you need to be visible online. It’s the place most success happens nowadays.

Second, a website is always available. Which means your brand or work is accessible 24/7. This allows fans, supporters, or potential customers to access your work or services at their convenience. Your success as a professional comes from being convenient and accessible. To put it simply, people look for sustainability (regardless of the field you’re in) and basically expect you to have a website.  Therefore, it is your duty to meet the expectations and demands of your potential fans, or customers to keep them coming. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere to find what they are looking for.

By the same token, a website is a form of control. Another tool I’ve learned while being in the field of public relations is that there is nothing more important than a public image. A professional and transparent public image is extremely beneficial and necessary to attract people to you and your work – for me it’s my writing of poetry, articles and books. A website allows you to have more control of your public image.

Moreover, most of the time setting up a website is completely free. So why would you not have one? Unless you wish to hire a professional website developer, the whole process is free of charge. A website brings you recognition and allows you to put in the amount of money you desire. That handles the profitability category.

If you’re still not convinced, a website is one of the best ways to stay organized, build a community and build personal relationships. In my blog posts I always try to influence people to engage with one another. This is hands-down the best way to see how my fans and supporters feel because they leave me comments or reviews.  Most people also like to interact with the poet and author behind the work they enjoy so much.

Most importantly, a website is effective marketing. With all the competition, you need to find an inexpensive but efficient way to bring brand recognition to your work. Instead of overpaying for ad spaces in magazines and papers or sending out expensive brochures – create a website. Before you know it, the website will be shared on social media networks and you’ll see results almost immediately, just like I have.

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