The Mountain Between us Book/Movie Review


The Mountain Between Us is a story about survival with a splash of romance. In this story, two people fight for their lives and fall in love along the way.

Waking up from the aftershock of a plane crash, they were injured and stranded in negative temperatures at peaked elevation. They had nothing but the clothes on their backs and the dog of a dead pilot. To make matters worse, they were lost in the High Uintas Mountains hundreds of miles from civilization.

In the battle for survival, they learned to work together and survive. When they eventually got home, they’d never be the same.

MBU pic 3

Author Charles Martin published the novel in 2010 with Broadway Books. The victory and popularity pushed the book into Blue-ray and DVD productions of 20th Century Fox in 2017. Actor Idris Alba and actress Kate Winslet brought the story to reality. I then decided to read the book after seeing the movie. I fell in love even more.

As a viewer and reader of The Mountain Between Us, I noticed differences when comparing the novel to the movie. Although I did enjoy both, I fell in love with some of the differences and wish some of them didn’t occur.

First – Their names are changed in the book and movie. The woman’s name is Ashley Knox in the book and Alex Martin in the movie. The man’s name in the book is Ben Payne but it’s Ben Bass in the movie. The pilot’s name also changed from Grover to Walter. These changes did not affect the story or movie. Instead, I wanted to make a note of them in case you read or watch The Mountain Between Us after this review.

Second – It is her idea to hire the pilot in the movie. However, in the book, Ben invites her on the flight. Personally, I preferred when Ben invited her on the flight because it makes his unfathomable devotedness to survive fit even better.  For that, I saw it as his duty to get them home: because of this scenario, I favored the book more. However, other readers and viewers may not pay attention to this.

Third – In the movie, Ben got hurt and Ashley had to set out to find a way home on a hurt leg. In the book, it is still up to Ben to get the three of them home. Preferably, it was pleasing to see her take responsibility and get them home. To be fair, it was her turn. I felt Ben had paid his dues. He did everything by himself in the book. They made it out as a team in the movie and that was more respectable.

Fourth – I feel like the scene of their love-making should be emphasized in the book. I don’t recall them making love in the book. I would have loved to read it, but that’s just my adamant opinion taking over.

Fifth – I hated that he gave the dog back to the pilot’s wife in the book! I felt the three of them were a team and shouldn’t have been split up. I would’ve loved to see all of them home together. After all, the dog contributed to their survival. In the movie, they kept the dog which I favored. Maybe because I am a huge dog-lover.

Overall, I’m unsure which of the two I favor the most. I loved both the movie and novel. However, I encourage you to read the book before watching the movie because the book is detailed, and you should enjoy the movie more after reading it.

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