Is Donald Trump Unfit to be the President of America?

Written By Plaserae Johnson

Donald Trump, businessman, and T.V. personality, now sits as the 45th president of the United States. However, there is an underlying question if his morals, behavior, and character are appropriate. Is he unfit to be the president? This essay will come to a decision based on the analysis of his morals, behavior, and character. At least five points will prove the conclusion correct. Relevant occurrences support these evaluations of Mr. Trump. The argument is that Mr. Donald Trump is unfit to be the President of the United States.

Firstly, he thinks it’s all right to be offensive. He is nothing but a bully in a suit. He uses demeaning and profane language loosely. He’s used words like invade, infest, and rapists when referring to immigrants. He addresses immigrants inhumanely.  He’s also mocked the physical appearance of the impaired or disabled, freely.

Secondly, he is unpredictable. He’s reshuffled his administration frequently. There have been 24 departures in the federal departments since he’s been, president. Is that a record? He’s forced his administration and federal departments to be unstable because they are continuously undergoing changes. He posts all his thoughts and political business on Twitter before filtering them for offensiveness, character display, or something as simple as grammar. He’s communicated with North Korea’s Leader, Kim-Jong-Un without his administration’s knowledge. Lastly, he ruined some of America’s oldest allies. All this happened in the first six months of his presidency. What’s to come? We can’t call it.

Thirdly, he denies ownership and responsibility of his own party’s policies. Recently, a new immigration law was passed separating families at the Mexican border of South Texas. Trump continuously pointed his fingers at the Democratic Party for this immigration policy when it was a Republican Party ordinance.  Trump repealed it after receiving heat for the policy. The repealing of this policy displayed the Republican Party was indeed responsible for the policy.

In continuance, he has a negative influence on people. Since he has been president, racism has been on the forefront. People are now more comfortable with being racist.  At the beginning of 2018, there were various cases of black and Muslim students being harassed on school grounds upon Trump’s election. It continues, as the recent immigration policy brought forth the same reaction to Mexican American citizens. Videos are flooding social media of these harassments.

Finally, he disrespects women on a continuous basis. More than sixteen different women have come forward accusing the president of either sexual assault or harassment. He’s paid off or attempted to pay off, several women on numerous occasions to silence them on the sexual relations. Ignorantly, he’s said, “grab them by the p****” when bragging on the sexual privileges the presidential role offers him.

Frankly, character absolutely matters when it comes to something as serious as running a country. The character and personality of a president should always portray class and respect. Trump is not behaving professionally. The seat he sits in is always under microscopic observance, it seems he has forgotten that.  He, in fact, needs to be cautious of what he is advocating.  His personal life and opinion should stay out of politics. We’ve seen other presidents before him be successful in doing this.

I’m aware some will argue that his character and personal life does not impact the way he does politics. This is an untrue and naïve mentality for numerous reasons. For example, the people who did not vote the last election, are more likely to participate only to vote against him. He does not consider the people he offends as potential voters.  Additionally, women are fed up with his harassment and comments and they will vote against him. Also, his behavior on immigration will encourage Muslims, African Americans, and Mexican Americans to vote against him as well. Still not convinced? Well, the Russian President could take advantage of Trump’s ongoing obsession with Russian prostitutes. All these points are just minimal examples of why Trump will be impacted politically by his behavior if he doesn’t change it.

Is he someone we want our children to look up to?  Is this how we want everyone in the world to view us? The American people will endure him, but we will not do so joyfully. He does the president chair a dishonor. People all over the world are surprised and confused as they take in his character and childish behavior. His representation of America is arrogant, nauseating and embarrassing.

4 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump Unfit to be the President of America?

  1. DL Bigelow

    You asked me to be your friend, and when I saw you were an author I thought great….UNTIL I saw what you wrote about our fine President. He is no Obama for sure, he is a street fighter unwilling to yield to the blows of the Democratic party, who’s only mandate is for themselves! President Trump is a mans man, working in the trenches to get this country away from the politicians, and back to the people. Obama on the other hand is like a man who shows up at the party uninvited, and is too stupid to see the disdain of the people who were invited! I see that to even leave my opinion requires my email. And I see my rebuttal to your insults about our President more important than my privacy, so I give it! But don’t be an Obama and write to me,


    1. I sent you a friend request on Facebook as I do for plenty of other authors on Facebook. It’s up to you to accept it but if you don’t, I won’t lose any sleep. You say Trump is a “Man’s Man”. I guess that’s true because the way he disrespects women most would never support him. However, this is not something other men should cherish as a value of Trump. It’s disgusting. I’m not sure why you’re bringing Obama into this when the essay is about Trumps lack of ethics and respect. As for your comment, it does have to be moderated before it’s on my website. This is for every single posts on here. I approved it so people can find humor in your invalid and shaky comment just like I did. So you’re welcome. Anyway, you never explained or responded to the arguments in the essay. Instead you commented on giving emails and friend requests on Facebook. Try to stay focused on the problem at hand, Trump.

      Thank you for your comment,
      Perceptual Plazz


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