“Rock Bottom” with a Sky High Spirit

“Yea Mon, respect.” He said, as I compliment him. A man that goes by the name of “Rock Bottom” had me in awe visiting his shop on July, 20th, 2017 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The most exciting event of my vacation happened that Thursday evening.

His shop full of wood-based carvings, creativity at its finest. It requires boat loads of patience, and dedication. All to be fairly priced. He makes thousands of pieces and still has fresh ideas in mind. He’s incredibly talented and could sit in front a piece of tree bark and create anything. He is completely humble and dedicated to  his projects. He began in his preteens and only got better and faster. He didn’t start it to make money. He simply did it because he loved it. Now, he does it for a living. He can be happy going to work because it is enjoyable.

It’s truly magical to step into his shops and view all his creations.

The spirit and work of the man displays him worthy of more recognition than what he is receiving. Rock Bottom  is not like his peers or his competition. He is unique because how creative, humble, and experienced he is.

If you visit Jamaica go to Port Antonio visit “Rock Bottom” at his shops. He’s in a wooden crafted bar along the beach! He’s worth the stop. This man deserves your visit and the positive word of mouth.  He’s called “rock Bottom” but his spirit soars sky high!

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