Finally, I’ve Reached the Finish Line!

The Farewell to my best friend, Track.

It was a normal hot summer day in Glendale, Ariz. My legs trembled, a lump lived in my throat as I stood nervously at the starting line of the 100 meter-dash with the other seven-year-olds. This feeling never went away, even in my collegiate years.

“SET” … “BANG,” terrified by the gun, I covered my ears and busted into tears.

“Run Plaserae! Go get ‘em! Catch them!” my mom shouted. I wiped my face and pumped my little arms and legs as fast – as hard, as I could. The group got closer and closer.  I was in the front. A few more strides through the finish line and I had won my first race.

Move along to my high school years – where the track was my best friend. These were the years my father decided he didn’t want me. These were the years my younger brother looked up to me significantly. I could feel my mother’s and his pride when they looked at me. I traveled, made new friends, and became someone everyone knew. I had successfully made enough noise to get my father to pay attention.

Being from a family of Olympians, they wanted me to be the fourth. I spent 10 consecutive years breaking records, setting my own, shredding my times, and representing the best club track teams of Arizona all over the nation. It felt like it would never end and I didn’t want it to.

Flash forward to my early 20s. I received my first Full-Ride Scholarship for Track and Field at Central Arizona College. Coach Kim Dismuke gave me my first chance to get a college degree. My first chance to shatter the barriers in my way of college. I left with three Arizona Community College Athletic Conference Titles, became a six-time All-American, and Athlete of the 2013 year. I still thank her until this very day.

I could not stop then. I wanted more degrees and more collegiate track. I reached out to numerous universities and went on visits. I made myself another opportunity to do it all again as Track and Field was the only way out.

Head Track Coach Ryan Dall responded and flew me out to Kingsville. He gave me a Full-Ride Scholarship and the chance I had prayed for. I have won three Lone Star Conference Titles, a Division II National Title, became a six-time All-American, and a two-time second-team All-American. I thank him until this very day.

I never thought the day would come where I kiss my best friend, goodbye. I ran my last race on March 10, 2018, in Pittsburg, Kan. I didn’t realize it until Coach Dall came to give me a hug and I started crying like a baby. It was sweeter than I thought it would be. I felt relieved because I knew I had something else to look forward to. I knew I’d done my best and that it was time for me to move on. I had finally reached my finish line.

Most dedicated athletes fail to realize there actually is life after the sport.

Athletes invest all their time, energy, and money into their sport and get so caught up in it, they forget about the future that comes after. That is why I made sure I had something to fall back on and made the most out of the opportunities I was blessed with. My retirement as a sprinter was cherished instead of resented.

The focus, determination, and passion of my inner-athlete have channeled into my career. It has morphed me into this independent businesswoman, published writer, author, and communicator, that I never pictured I’d be.

I am not disappointed that I am not a pro-athlete or did not become the fourth Olympian in my family because I am something so much bigger.  

11 Comments on “Finally, I’ve Reached the Finish Line!

  1. Plas, I wish I could have seen you burn those wheels. I remember always trying to race you in high school and you would fly by me like a bird. You’ve always been a monster on your feet. I wish I could have watched you years later. I’m proud of you, and I’m glad you had such a huge support behind you. Love you Plas!

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    • Thank you so much Johnny. You always been a good supportive friend. I thank you so much for always supporting me bro! Love you too keep working hard and don’t let no one get you down!


  2. you have a great history in track, i will miss the wins so proud of you and i know you will give your all to your future quest and will succeed at what every you do, i wish you the best.

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  3. you were always destined for greatness, and your athleticism and achievements shows it. I’m proud of your success, and I know the world has so much more to offer you.. Great job, neve stop pushing.

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    • Thank you Cousin. I will keep working hard in everything I do. I can’t stop. Love you. Next time I’m in AZ we should have lunch or something.


  4. PLAZZ🌹
    It has been a pleasure to meet you young lady you have done great things from day one!! I am so pleased and honored to have met you. I wish you nothing but continued success I am so very proud of you! Your Future is Shinning Bright like A Diamond, you are!!! God bless you Sweetheart 🙏🏽📖🙏🏽
    If you need me I am here. Stay in touch with us over the years to come, I would love to know & see how you’re doing my Beautiful 🌷❤️ Adopted Daughter!! Lol…Always,
    Eagle Lake Texas 🤝🙏🏽


    • Thank you for believing me and supporting me. I will hold you in my heart. I love you and I’m glad we met too! I’m in JA right now.


  5. I’ve always loved seeing you around and following your story because you are the perfect balance of Confidence and Humility. I’ve always admired how much you believe in yourself, and how grateful you are to those that have helped you along the way.

    I read this quote a bit ago in an article from a recently retired basketball player and I think you’ll really enjoy it: “‘Know that the magic isn’t in the game, the magic is in you. Everything that made you a success at your sport is what will make you a success in any endeavor if you call on it.” – Sue Gordon

    Can’t wait to see all the big things you’ve got ahead of you 🙂

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    • Thank you so much. I’ve been watching you too! I’m glad I got to meet you and you’re doing well. It’s time for both of us to love on with our lives without track. It is bittersweet.

      That quote is amazing. We’ll be in contact again soon! ❤️ When you are in AZ or TX, let me know we may be able to get together.


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