It’s Christmas Season at Starbucks

Starbucks is in the holiday spirit, it’s all over the menu.

Starbucks is known for its unique blends and variety of hot and cold beverages. However, they are even more popular during the holiday season. “A few days ago, we had a long line going down the hallway “, said Clarissa Gomez, an employee at Starbucks and sophomore majoring in Kinesiology at Texas A&M University- Kingsville (TAMUK).

stThe menu boards are taken down and replaced with an updated menu and Christmas theme. This process occurs every year for the time of the Christmas season. However, this year is slightly different being that Starbucks added some new items.

Many specials come around when the Christmas season is here. “We are going to have more specials with our sandwiches,” said Kristen Gonzalez a Starbucks employee, and junior majoring in social work at TAMUK.

These Christmas specials are dedicated to their beverages, deserts and sandwiches here only for the season. “Right now, we have our buy one, get one free drinks from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and that ends the 13th [of this November],” said Kristen.

An example of one new special is getting a “Cake Pop” for a dollar with the purchase of an Expresso menu beverage. The “Cake Pops” are normally a bit over two dollars.

st1Expresso beverages are drinks like the “Eggnog latte”, “Salted Carmel Mocha”, “Gingerbread Latte” and “Carmel latte” on the Starbucks menu. “People normally order the “Toasted White Chocolate Mocha”, the “Caramel Brule”, or the “Peppermint Hot Chocolate,” Clarissa said. Beverages like the “Eggnog Latte”, chocolate filled croissant and “Pumpkin Spice Latte” are only here for the holiday season and will not be a part of the spring promotions. The beverages and deserts here for a limited time will stop being sold on campus when the Spring semester begins.  Then, will Starbucks prepare for their spring promotions shortly after classes resume.

Employees are trained distinctly for the holiday season and updated menu.

“We had to do a two-hour training session of the procedures on how to make the new drinks and practice delivery details on our specials,” said Kristen. The employees are prepared for long lines and fast delivery to their customers whether they are staying in or taking out.

“We had to do a taste test of our drinks so we knew what we were making and selling’” said Clarissa. The employees do this to appoint a curious customer to seasonal items on the menu.

st2Kingsville, Texas only has one Starbucks location. It is on the University’s campus. There, students and faculty of TAMUK come in at various times throughout the day. However, it is not visited only by TAMUK’s students and faculty. Students from nearby high schools stop in as well.  Anyone living in Kingsville visits because it is the only Starbucks in town.

“On our sales, we have gone up quite a bit, our nights are now matching mornings and that has come with this Christmas season,” said Kristen. The same beverages will most likely appear next Christmas season. There were additions to the menu but items from previous seasons are still sold. The audience for the regular seasonal drinks are appealed to while new customers are brought in for the specials on new beverages and deserts.