Downtown San Antonio

Many know it of a place rich in United States History. The city of downtown San Antonio, Texas. It has much to do and offer. The location attracts a variety of people for various reasons. One of the most heard-of reasons, would be the Alamo. It is a dusty, cream-colored, warn-down white. The stones are not perfectly symmetrical but they are strong enough to stand from the 1800’s until now. There are dark double wood doors, and alongside the building stands a Texas flag reaching up to the sky proudly.


Here the blood of Mexican warriors and United States Texans were shed. Upon arrival, the visitor of the Alamo would be offered a tour. If you are ever interested to visit the Alamo you can reserve an individual, or private group tour, and even an audio tour. They also hold a summer camp for children nine through thirteen. The children would receive activities such as battlefield adventures, crafts and more. If the visitor schedules a physical tour, the officials would not leave out the historical fact that one thousand five hundred feet marched across the Alamo.

The ground of the Alamo has a special essence because of the rich history it contains. It is the textbook reference or lecture that comes out of the page. If the Alamo’s essence and rich history does not attract you then consider the other reasons why people visit downtown San Antonio. For instance, the Riverwalk located a couple miles from the Alamo. The Riverwalk contains a variety of restaurants and bars that appeal to different audiences. If you aren’t there for the bars or restaurants, you can catch a river taxi to view the lights.

“San Antonio’s world-famous zoo, the Japanese Tea Gardens, Brackenridge Park, the historic, but funky Pearl District, and three very distinguished, but very different, museums – The Witte, The Doseum and The San Antonio Museum of Art”, as stated on


If you’re still not compelled to visit the River-walk or the Alamo consider the zoo, museums and the missions located Downtown. You could visit The Mission San Jose, also referred to as the “Queen of Missions”, which was a cultural home for approximately three hundred Indians of its time in the 1700’s. Perhaps, you’d be interested to visit the Mission Concepcion, A church that is the oldest, and unrestored in the United States.

Mission San Juan Capistrano which supplied the surrounding areas with produce in its time. Lastly, you could possibly visit the Mission Espada which brought the region water during its time of occupancies. All would be optional to visit if you traveled to Downtown San Antonio.


Photo Courtesies of Google

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