What is the Thanksgiving Holiday?

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! There was always something about my mother’s cooking, especially on Thanksgiving. She made the best dressing, and macaroni and cheese I have ever tasted (and no, I am not being biased because she is my mom). She stayed up all night cooking, I could smell it in my sleep and it made me so anxious to wake up the next day and consume.

We prayed together and I fell in love with it every year.Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. As far as I am concerned, that will never change. Do people know what and who it is celebrating? I don’t think so. A woman named Mrs. Passley, asked a question the night before Thanksgiving and I’d say it proved my point that people don’t know what it is. “What is Thanksgiving?, she asked.

Mrs. Passley, you asked what thousands of  American citizens don’t even know the answer to.

Many of my college  teammates are from other countries. Places like Jamaica, Ecuador, Spain, Barbados, Russia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and Canada.  However, I’m going to tell you the answer, as best as I can.

Years ago, when I researched the significance of Thanksgiving, it all came together. The dinner originated from the early 1600’s. The Pilgrims (Europeans)  and Indians (Wampanaug tribe) got together for a feast. The Wampanaug Indians, brought their meats, spices, and cooking routines to the first dinner. It was the first Thanksgiving of the colonies. In other words, the unestablished United states. My favorite president, Abraham Lincoln, who has done various marvelous things  for America, added another to the list. Right in the center of fighting to end enslavement of African Americans, he  made Thanksgiving a day to always be celebrated in November.

The_First_Thanksgiving_cph.3g04961-AThe Pilgrims can receive full credit of the religious context behind Thanksgiving day. They traveled to Plymouth where they could be free of their own religious practices. Thanksgiving is not as religious today as it was because of the first Amendment. As citizens, we have the right to not include religion in Thanksgiving. America, has immense diversity in its people. Different religious backgrounds are a norm in the American society.

In the 1700’s, George Washington created the first proclamation of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving became all about giving thanks. Some fortunate pilgrims made it through their travels, droughts, and were in harmony with Native American tribes.

Presently, Thanksgiving Day has adopted both traditional and modern-day values. However, much of the meals we cherish today were not originally on the menu. The Turkey, Ham, Dressing, and the sweet potato pie… oh, how I love the sweet potato pie! Mmmm. Anyway, those are the modern times reflection of the original dinner.

1382539519750So Mrs. Passley, Thanksgiving has to do with the history of the United States. The most important aspect (at least for me), is to Thank God for everything I have overcome earlier in the year, for all the blessings he’s poured into my life. Most importantly, thank God in advance for the guidance he’ll give me the next year. Don’t forget, the food, the laughs, and the quality time with those you love, is a must!