“Anything for Selenas”

This article has been duplicated from its original content in Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s, South Texan, Newspaper, Volume 91, Issue 4. The original and published copy can be found on southtexannews.com. This article has been modified to fit the pages on perceptionofplaz.wordpress.com. Plaserae Johnson is the original writer of this article.

Mac make-up reveals Selena Quintanilla’s own make-up line dedicated to the Queen of Tejano and her legacy.

Plaserae Johnson                                                                                                     Contributing Reporter

Selena’s home of Corpus Christi, Texas was the first place to have Mac’s latest release. Local citizens of the city had the privilege of buying Selena’s line of make-up before it had been released anywhere else. Fans flew in from everywhere waiting for the American Bank Center to open its doors to the public. Rexanne Bustamante, one of the Mac employees, says “I live in New Mexico, I flew from there, drove two hours to the airport, then landed in Dallas. I switched planes to get to Corpus. So, in total it was about eight hours to get here”.

Mac only released Selena’s line once in Corpus Christi’s American Back Center, Friday September 30th, 2016. After, it will be sold online and in some stores. “I know it was worth it, it’s surreal to me, I am here looking at these things knowing she looked at them”. Bustamante says smiling looking out the window of the American Bank Center. Lines of fans wearing  their Selena T-shirts formed outside of the arena at more than one entrance.

“I am privileged, I won a contest to be here, I am of the sixty people that won the contest to work this event. It is one of the best times of my entire life,” says Bustamante.

“There is nothing I would not do for Selenas” Bustamante and other fans say. On the projectors of the stage, Twitter and Facebook posts from fans who were at the arena were shown. Selena received an abundance of love. Mac fans who weren’t able to get to Corpus Christi bought what they could online, until the website crashed. “I went online and I had to call Mac to find out that the website had crashed from so many people trying to buy products”. Brittney Webley, a student majoring in Sociology from TAMUK says. “it was down for a couple of hours” says Webley.

Children wore their Selena outfits and the DJ spun up Selena’s most popular hits. The crowd was laughing and dancing, and of course some tears were shed. “I have always been into Mac, even as a little girl I collected lipsticks and watch the Selena movie all the time” says Webley.

“The Selena event was important to me, because my family is a huge fan of her. They attended her performances and spoke with her. I was told about her growing up and I thought it would be important for me to go to the Corpus Christi release not only for me but my mom as well.” Says Reese Cantu, a biology major student at TAMUK.  Mac released lipsticks named “Dreaming of you” and “Bidi Bid Bum Bum”. “Due to the passion and overwhelming excitement from Selena’s fans, currently #MACSelena is sold out on Maccosmetics.com. We are working to restock the collection”. says the Mac Cosmetics website. It will only be sold to stores who sell Mac cosmetics. Now Selena fans can not only listen to her but wear her make-up too.