I’ll be ready

More recent than before. There are situations and people I don’t feel to deal with. My desires are to zone them out until they disappear. However, they are still around and will not be evaporating just because I wish for them to. I am only in control of the way I respond to them and the way they make me feel. I am only in control of me and my reaction. I’ve learned that I cannot always turn the other cheek. Sometimes you must plant your feet firm on the ground and boldly face these difficulties.

So, instead I have decided to learn from these happenings. I have opened my mind and heart to them. Normally, my first instinct is to put up my invincible wall and shatter them every time they attempt to enter. For the first time ever, I have approached them with a different mentality. I am putting myself up for the daily challenge. This is forcing me to see how much I have advanced into maturity. I am embracing this change. 

No matter where I go or what I do in life… there will always be people I despise or situations I would prefer not to encounter. However, everything happens for a reason! I am here facing these difficulties to make me a better and stronger individual. It’s preparation and it’s part of my storyline. I’ve decided to not let my frustrations from the situations and those people get the best of me. However, let them bring out the best in me. I am taking it in as a blessing and a life changing experience. From today-on, I will be waiting for another moment I’m greeted with a similar event. Until then, I will sit in my throne like the empress I am. 

6 thoughts on “I’ll be ready

  1. Michelle

    This is definitely something I needed to read, especially since I’m at that age where I am so lost. We all have our struggles but it amazes me how strong you are! Keep it up 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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