Dear Hater,


Dear Hater,

I know you pray for my destruction. I know you hate me because it is just as strong as hate. You hate me, and want me to hate myself. I know you wish my success would stop dead in its tracks, now. and It won’t. I know you wish I’d plummet into the ground along with my success. I know you watch my every move. You try what I do, hoping it works for you too.I know you pray for my failure. You have been in the stands this whole time. And I know… Deep, deep down you believe in me, so much. You believe in me more than you believe in yourself, and that intimidates you. I know you believe in me. You know what’s coming next. I cannot be stopped, no matter what resistance is in my way. We both know you believe in me, Hater.


Perceptual Plazz

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