To my brother.

I remember when you could barely even pronounce my name.. But that didn’t stop you from saying it.

I remember when I would come home from school and you had been waiting on me to play with me and talk to me.

I remember when we went to Disneyland and took a picture with goofy… you were scared so you hugged me.

I remember whenever I would go somewhere you’d go too.

And if you didn’t, you’d be upset.

I remember at my track meets you would scream “Let’s go Sis!”

I remember when I left for my first college semester.

I remember how much it hurt me when I came back and saw all your progress.

The truth is we are joined at the hip. I love you more then I can explain. I am proud of you no matter what because of who you are. You inspire me to stay focused and be a good example. You inspired me to grow up and be a better person. This is all because of the way you look up to me.

That is something no one else can do for me. You are a blessing to my life and I don’t know who I would be or what I would do without you. You are a young man now and better then our father ever was or will be. You’re miraculous.Don’t forget to thank mom, and give back to our queen. Love you my little man and other half.

Your sis,

Plaserae Johnson Marshall

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