When you do wrong, it’s really a disturbing, and disgusting, feeling. Sometimes, it has a rotten stench that only you can smell. All because you know you did something wrong and can do better. Worse feeling is when you tell yourself don’t do it, but you still do. For some people they keep doing wrong on a continuous basis and it doesn’t affect them. They don’t have a conscious to tell them “THIS IS WRONG”. They have burned it so many times that it disappeared. They don’t have that little voice in the back of their head that tells them to stop. Mine isn’t a little voice: it is strong, powerful and extremely loud! It shouts. It bothers me so much I fear to do anything wrong again. All because I know of the feeling and don’t want to feel that again. I tremble at it.  

I don’t know how someone could be a constant thief, a cheater, a liar, a molester, a killer, or an evil doer. They do wrong majority of their life and don’t deteriorate from self-judgement. Eventually, it catches up to them though. All I know is that it’s really unfortunate. 

Everyone is guilty of doing wrong in their lives. 
Some people believe a wrong is a wrong and that they are all on equal level. However, I don’t believe that at all. I know some are worse than others. Some make you feel dirty inside. You keep scrubbing and just feel that you can’t get clean. Some you can sleep off. Some you can laugh off, or talk to someone about. Then there are the ones you don’t wanna talk about, and are so ASHAMED of, you don’t even want God to know! 

You have to move on and keep in mind  that you are a good person. There is some good in you. First you have to realize that you have done wrong. The most impacting step is forgiving yourself. It’s one of the hardest things to do.. But that’s the only way you will stop doing wrong or feeling it’s okay to do wrong. Choose to do right by first acknowledging there was a wrong committed. 

4 thoughts on “Wrong.

      1. I like it a lot. I think people forge to look inside themselves sometimes. Worry too much about the outside and forget to be good with themselves. And forgiving yourself is the first step. Well done 😆

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