My canvas.

If someone asked you to paint your personality on a canvas what would it look like? How would you get your entire existence on this blank canvas?

I’d grab all of the colors I owned and splash the canvas repetitively. I would drag my hands and feet all over it. Kiss the paint and print it on the canvas. Drag across it with my fingers and toes… I have my reasons for such a crazy explanation of how I would paint my canvas. 

I have so many complexities to my personality. There is no way it could just be an ordinary canvas. My aggressive emotions take control of everything I do, say, or think. I cannot control it, I feel I don’t even need to. This chaos makes me who I am.  

I have my calm and collective moments. I have my stealth moments. I have my moments where I step in a room and shine. I have my moments where I try to contain my shine. To give others a chance. 

My canvas is my masterpiece. My masterpiece is the stongest in the exhibition. 

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