It’s About That Time

I can actually see the light and I’m scared to step out into it but, it’s that time. I’m so tired of being in darkness. When I step out I’m going to shine. I had too much shade on me, I was like a flower growing in the crack of concrete. 

Now, it’s time for me to sprout and become the person I am supposed to be. I had to pull myself away. So I could focus on my hopes and dreams. I had to taste something different without anyone telling me what it’s supposed to taste like. 

Some people can’t leave everything they know behind. They are intimidated of being alone. They’re afraid of starting fresh but, I am not. I have been waiting for this. I have much to prove to myself. 

See, being away from all you know helps you grow. You start to question everything you know, because you see everything differently. It’s kind of like being on the outside looking in. What you’re looking into is your morals, values, thoughts, goals and perception of life. You learn how strong or weak you are. How smart or ignorant you are. How behind or ahead you are. Last but definitely not least, what you can do without others.

It all turns into an inquisitive stage of life.  Eventually in this stage, you start to study those you KNEW. This is when you find out what you’re packing with you going forward in life. Things like values, ways of thinking, talking, acting, and viewing life. You get more time to know who you are. 

You just have to make sure you do the right thing with that time, and it’s finally my time.  

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