Empty Words

Honestly,  I think it’s pathetic you neglected your own kids. Your own blood and creation. There is so much that you “father’s” force us, kids, to do without. There were times when we wished you were around. Of course, those times have come and gone. It’s second nature to forget about you. Since we’ve already been doing without you.

I can say.. at least for me, I didn’t miss out on a lot. I have a mother who has provided me with everything I needed and whatever else she could spare. It kills you that I made it so far without you, but you walked away from me.  My mother wasn’t going to chase you and beg you to be a man, and ultimately a father. So, she put her Wonderwoman suit on. Then, when I needed it: she put her superman suit on too!

I love that my mother is a faithful woman. She never slept around. So, my fatherless story isn’t like some of them out there.  I actually know who you are and what you look like. I mean, I even have your cell number in my phone and you have mine (which you don’t use)…I know who you are. I just wish I didn’t sometimes because you never cared enough to find out who I am.

Photo courtesy of Google

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